Htc Touch - Phone With a Real Wow Factor

by : Alice Erin

One of the most ambitious handsets in the market, the HTC touch makes a winning statement with its look and style. The handset features just seven buttons on the touch, and remaining all the other interaction is suppose to happen through the 2.8in, 240 x 320 touchscreen. The concept of touchscreen might not be new but there is indeed something interesting in the designing sense of HTC touch. The handset comes with a second layer of software that is designed to be more friendly with the finger. HTC calls it TouchFLO, and it's extremely effective.

When one swipes the finger from the bottom of the screen to the top to begin the software, one is presented with host of large icons that are just perfect for the size of a finger. The initial view will provide you with icons to launch media player, but swipe left or right and the screen swivels around, offering further icons for communications and application launching. The TouchFlo interface also includes music controls and telephone applications built-in dialling.

The hardware itself is a beautiful piece of design. The HTC touch weighs just 112grams and is only 14mm thick - meaning one would hardly notice it in pockets. And the best part is that the screen is highly impressive too. The handset includes 2MP camera. The camera might not be good in terms of resolution, but when it comes to capturing colouring, it does it perfectly. On holding the device slidewise, there comes more frame space for shooting. HTC also includes a 1GB micro-SD card, which is ample for a few short films or a mid-sized music collection. The device also comes with GPRS and EDGE. The lack of 3G is a little disappointed but with the overall make, there are indeed many things to make the phone a cut-above-the-rest.

HTC Touch