The Latest Mobile Phones in the Market!

by : Martin Dev

The mobile phone boom in UK is at its pinnacle and there have been a lot of latest technological inventions in this field. As a result, a plethora of handsets have been introduced in the market which are known for its technical brilliance and the elegant looks. It is impossible to list all of the handsets in one article so let us discuss a few exceptionally brilliant handsets that have been launched in the mobile phone market recently.

The first contender that has made a strong impact upon the mobile phone users around the world without the doubt, is Apple iPhone. It is an ultra superior device that has been brilliantly conceived and combined with super cool looks. A scratch proof front glass cover and a TFT touchscreen display emitting a kaleidoscope of 16 Million colours, in a large 3.5 inches screen makes Apple iPhone as one of the best gadgets around the town. This device has been equipped with Handset orientation sensor and proximity sensor that further add on to its appeal. A standard 2 Mega pixels camera and a Apple iPod has also been installed in this device for an excellent results. Plus, Apple iPhone comes in 4GB and 8GB variants that gives the user an ample sauce to store the music or data of your choice!

There is another mobile phone that has also eagerly anticipated but has not been released so far is known as Nokia E51, another addition to the super powerful 'E' business series in the market. Nokia E51 is a HSDPA enabled device that could be taken all across the globe with its Quad-Band GSM connectivity. Other high end connectivity features as GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and integrated Wi-Fi adds on to its connectivity. Experience the joy of web browsing with Nokia E51 and consider the best for yourself.

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