Moving Beyond Phone Calls

by : Ian Ball

Mobile phones seem to be sporting new features almost every day. The basic voice communication device has been left behind as mobile phones develop into complete office solutions and multimedia devices. Videos, pictures, internet, email and more now compete for use and space on mobile phones in addition to the rather boring phone calls the mobile phones still make.

The Basics
A mobile phone was once a simple telephone capable of going on the road. It was big. It was bulky. It got the job done. Most mobile phone owners still use their phone predominately to make or take phone calls, but a large majority of users have moved beyond the basic voice communication and into the realm of specialized phones. It seems as though there is now no such thing as a basic mobile phone.

Specialized Mobile Phones
There are many kinds of specialized phones on the market. With so many features to choose from, some manufacturers are recognizing the benefits of streamlining certain features in each handset to maximize potential. These streamlined phones are beginning to fall into specific categories.

Office Solutions
Some of the top of the line mobiles phones are marketed as complete office solutions. They are often called smart phones and combine mobile phone technology with PDAs. Smart phones are a hybrid, and thus perfect for busy professionals. These handheld devices offer basic phone and text messages as well as cameras, wireless internet in many forms, email, and large amounts of storage.

Popular smart phone models include the Blackberry 8300 and 8830 models, and the Nokia N95 and T-Mobile Dash.

Music Phones
Other mobile phones combine voice and text communication with MP3 players. These mobile phones, called music phones, often come complete with headphones or ear buds much as a MP3 player would. The storage of these phones is large enough to accommodate hundreds of downloaded songs, and the latest versions offer instant downloads through wireless internet. The phone also comes with the same music programming buttons found on MP3 players.

Popular music phone models include the Sony Ericsson W580i, Samsung SGH-i300, and Motorola RAZR V3i.

Camera Phones
Mobile phones that have high-quality camera components, in addition to other elements, are often termed camera phones. These phones can take still pictures and videos and then can upload the pictures to the internet or send the video to a television or computer for fast viewing. Popular camera phones include the Sony Ericsson K790a, Motorola Deluxe ic902, and Nokia N93.

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