Got the Picture; What Can We Do Now?

by : Gary Parsons

How often do we take pictures using our mobile phones? Whether it's a concert, family party or just kicking a ball around with friends in the park - camera phones seem to be everywhere but why are we taking more pictures than ever and what's happening to them once they've been taken?

Even with the smaller handbag-sized digital cameras released over the last few years; we have never seen them as essential gadgets which need to be carried around with us all day long, particularly as the cost of this technology and fear it being lost or stolen was high and still remains a threat.

In 2000; all those worries went away with the release of the first camera phone from Sharp. Although the camera contained a low 0.11-megapixel camera, manufacturers soon jumped on the bandwagon and we are now seeing mobile phones capable of taking photos of up to 5-megapixel; beating many cameras that are collecting dust in our drawers, cupboards and in some shops.

One of the greatest additions to the handset market and technology cross-over is that of the memory card. By simply walking into a photo-shop you are able to insert your memory card into a specially designed unit which will let you select the photos you want and charge you per print.

If you're one of the many consumers that have a photo quality printer at home and not fearful of technology then you may prefer going home and hooking your phone up to you PC. Those who do this are then able to go on and upload them to many social-networking sites such as facebook or online photo albums like Yahoo's Flickr.

No matter how or why you're taking your photos; each person is different and by taking them you are building up a photographic diary of your life; something that you can keep safe and look back on years later.