Omd Polyphonic Ringtones: a Cell Phone Delight

by : Marie Sanders

Remember when cell phones only had MIDI format ringtones? Imagine having to look for a ringtone of the musical group Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, or OMD, in a MIDI format back then. I think it would have been near to impossible; you would have had to make your own OMD MIDI ringtone. Thankfully though, with the years technology has advanced a lot and now, even though every cell phone still supports MIDI format ringtones, you can have your favorite song in excellent quality as a polyphonic ringtone. You can even have your favorite OMD Polyphonic ringtones.

For those of you that don't know, MIDI ringtones differentiate from polyphonic ringtones by they way they sound and how much space they occupy in your cell phone's memory. A MIDI ringtone sounds as if a little piano would be playing the song and, although it sounds pretty cool, it have many limitations. For example, with OMD polyphonic ringtones you will be able to listen to the lyrics of any OMD song, like If You Leave. Without an OMD polyphonic ringtone, like a MIDI ringtone, you'll only be able to hear the rhythm of the song played by distinctive sort of piano keys.

After the movie Pretty in Pink, I fell in love with the OMD song If You Leave and instantly downloaded the OMD polyphonic ringtone to my cell phone. For about six months I had that OMD polyphonic ringtone play each time anyone called me.

Then I got a pretty cool cell phone that let me program a different ringtone for each person that could call me. You can imagine that I ended up downloading the best OMD songs and gave my closest friends a separate OMD polyphonic ringtone each. At first I had to look at the screen to see how it was, but now just by the sound of a different OMD polyphonic ringtone I know who it is.

For my husband I have the If You Leave OMD ringtone and for my mom I have Souvenir. I gave my best friend Tesla Girls because it's both our favorite song. I have a lot of fun with my friends and family with each of the OMD polyphonic ringtones.

Thank goodness that cell phones can have polyphonic ringtones, I don't know what I'd do without my OMD polyphonic ringtones that I've grown so accustomed to. It may sound a little exaggerated but, as a friend of mine says, once you go polyphonic you can't go back, or something.