I-mate Mobile Phones - Dressing Up in Style

by : dylan

i-mate was formed in the year 2001 as a name that would one day go on to shine on the telecommunication marquee as an innovative designer and developer of smartphones and pocket PC phones. These state-of-the-art devices have been developed to run on Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems and thereby provide users with the advantage of a superior mobile phone experience. Initially showing its presence in Europe, i-mate put up its base in Dubai with operations in several nations like the UK, Italy, Armenia, Australia, India, the US and South Africa. Spreading its wings throughout various parts of the world, the firm has shown immense grit with an expansion campaign that only raised its status to further heights. i-mate's ceremonious venture into the world of cutting edge wireless communication devices has now been hailed as a welcome change for lovers of trendy devices.

i-mate mobile phones have revolutionised the cellular industry with quite an impact, and the effects are very much evident in the market. The mobile phone market, which is pounded with all sorts of products day in and day out plays host to some of the most prized i-mate mobile phones in the likes of i-mate Jama, i-mate SPL, i-mate JAQ3, i-mate JAMin, i-mate SP5, i-mate PDA2 and i-mate Pocket PC phone edition. These highly endowed communication devices have been crafted to cater to the increasing need of technological solutions for the modern day professionals. Operating as an advanced management solution for Windows Mobile based phones, i-mate Suite provides data protection and IT support for the users. i-mate mobile phones even incorporate Skype messenger for users to communicate with compatible users across the world for free.

With such revolutionary accessories fitted with the already evolved devices, it is a pleasure to experience the wonder that awaits the users.