More Than Just a Mobile Phone

by : steve ash

More Than Just a Phone
Selecting are no longer just about mobile communication – it is now a lifestyle choice. If you don’t select the phone that fits your personality, you won’t be happy with it. New mobile phones are beginning to have little in common with earlier mobile phones. The new models feature color screens, digital cameras, high-speed internet connections, multimedia games, and music playback. In case you were wondering, you can also use them to make phone calls.
Text messaging has grown to a staggering proportion in the last 3 years, and the industry believes that there are in the region of 20 million plus text messages sent every day in the UK. It is similar to instant messaging except that messages are sent and received by mobile phones instead of computers. Multimedia messaging allows you to send audio, video, and pictures as an attachment to a text message. Multimedia messaging was once seen as entertainment, but is rapidly becoming valuable to the business world. Estate agents now take photos of houses with their mobile phones and employment agencies may use camera phones to photograph job applicants – all away from their office.
Dial In On the Options
Mobile phone providers in the UK use either GSM or 3G technology. When you buy , it is tied to either GSM or the 3G mobile network, but can switch from one network to the other. If you ever switch mobile providers, you may also need to switch phones. Most mobile providers now have high-speed data networks. These data networks work with high-end mobile phones and special network cards you can purchase for laptops. Data networks usually transmit data slightly faster than a dialup internet connection. These networks are still being developed and are yet to be available everywhere. Look for higher speed networks to be much more common by 2006.
If you want to purchase a camera phone, consider what quality of photos you need to take. Most camera phones have less than a three megapixel resolution, which produces reasonable quality images. If you need to take clear photos, look into a camera phone with 3 or more megapixels.
Voice Dialing and Bluetooth are now standard in most phones to make it easier and safer for people to use their phones while driving since the law changed. Voice Dialing allows you to speak a person’s name into your phone, which will automatically find the person in your address book and dial the number for you. Bluetooth lets you connect a headset or car kit to your phone without wires. Some luxury cars are offering Bluetooth connectivity as standard so that you can take calls in your car through the built-in speaker system.
The latest mobile phones are being designed with an emphasis on entertainment. They can be used to play music MP3 files, stored video movies, and video games. In general, the newer phones are all getting smarter and more specialized.
After you’re done choosing the features that you want, don’t neglect the practical aspects. Look at how often you will need to change the battery, whether the screen and keypad are too big and too small. Also, caveat emptor: most mobile providers lock you into a one or two year contract when you purchase the best from them. If you cancel your service, they will charge you an early termination fee.