T-mobile Sidekick 3 : With Trackball

by : Subha Shankar

T-Mobile has launched the Sidekick 3, which has rapidly become a cult favorite among trendsetters and celebrities alike. The latest incarnation of the Sidekick is some 20 percent smaller than the Sidekick II. A new trackball provides one-handed navigation, and Bluetooth functionality has been added to the device. Moreover, the Sidekick 3 has been turned into an MP3 player with a Mini-SD card slot for additional memory.

"The >T-Mobile Sidekick 3 is a social lifeline; it's a must-have device for those who need to be in touch with their circle of friends on their terms," T-Mobile USA marketing vice president Mr.Chidambaram said in a statement.

Additionally, for the first time the device would be able to connect to all three major IM networks including MSN, and would be EDGE-capable. The Sldekick 3 is built around an ARM processor to speed data access, and features a longer-lasting and replaceable battery.

"They've carved out a nice niche for themselves. They really don't compete with the Blackberry, in fact the Sidekick is really the anti-Blackberry crowd," JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg commented. "All in all, it's a nice evolutionary upgrade to a well designed product."

myFaves: Now T-Mobile Sidekick 3 users can have the myFaves experience by choosing from a range of myFaves plans to get unlimited calling to those five designated people - to any number in the U.S. - even landlines (excluding toll-free and 900 numbers). The myFaves interface, which features icons or photos on the home screen for five 'Faves,' also enables the user to access a straightforward communications menu for calling, texting and multimedia messaging. To turn on the myFaves interface, customers will need to accept the OTA update and call T-Mobile customer care or go online to choose among the myFaves rate plans.

- Active Address Book: Call, text, email, or IM a friend directly from the address book with the press of the trackball. Users can even map their address.

- Text message character counter: So customers know when they've said as much as they can say in a single text message.

- Ability to save photo attachments from emails to a photo album on the Sidekick.

The T-Mobile Sidekick3 is available online to T-Mobile customers with all its features and other T-Mobile models at .