Reasons Why you Might Want to Do a Cell Phone Search

by : Art Graham

Five Good Reasons Why You Should Utilize Online Investigative Services

1.Find out who it is that's renting/buying your property.

If you have rental property you know what a risk it is when you get new tenants. It's hard enough to make rental property profitable these days, what with high taxes, insurance, maintenance on the property and the like. You certainly don't want to have tenants in there that will trash YOUR house, not pay their rent or move in with their cousins, friends, grandmother and extended family in your two bedroom place. When people behave badly, they leave a trail of bad credit, lawsuits, bankruptcies and civil and criminal judgements. Even though Mr. and Mrs. Smith look like nice people, wouldn't you want to do due diligence and find out everything you can about them before you let them inhabit your house? The answer is, of course, yes. It's the sensible thing to do.

In the case of buyers for your property, you run the risk of taking your property off the market, making all sorts of improvements and losing other potential offers only to find out that Mr. and Mrs. Jones don't qualify for a mortgage, don't have the income to buy in your neighborhood or have defaulted on other loans in the past. If you knew, you would simply have declined their offer in the first place.

2.Find out about help around the house or about prospective employees

If you are in a position to hire someone to help around the house, or someone who will be in your house for a time when you are not there, or if it's someone to watch the kids it would be really smart to take the time first to check out that person's background. Haven't we all heard stories about that person down the street who seemed so nice, but then turned out to be some sort of monster? Before you let somebody into your house, make sure they have no felonies, no drug convictions, dui's or any other myriad of personal problems from which you'd rather spare yourself and your family.

If you are seeking to hire an employee to work at your business, then it makes sense to know if what the prospective employee says about themselves is the truth. You want to know if they are lying on their resume. Hiring the wrong person can be a very costly experience and can be avoided.

3.Find out about the number who is calling but doesn't leave a message

Most of the time, it doesn't matter who called and didn't leave a message. We've all seen on our caller-id's a phone number we didn't recognize, but so what? The times you would want to investigate are when someone calls and is making some sort of harassing or threatening phone calls. It makes sense to find out who it is and where they live so that it can be reported to the authorities.

The other reason you might want to know is, sadly, to confirm suspicions. Have you noticed that your spouse has been receiving a lot of calls from someone he or she is reluctant to talk about? Trust is essential in any relationship, but so is truth. You need to know.

4.Find out if that guy or gal you're dating is already married

Sounds silly, but you need to know these days that what someone says is true. There have been a lot of broken hearts simply because someone believed a lie. It is no shame or dishonor to verify facts. You only want to be involved with someone who will tell you the truth. Why not make sure?

5.Find out if the people who want the loan have declared bankruptcy.

Do you lend money? There are a lot of private capital venturists, hard money lenders and friends who loan money to others in need. Don't be burned, and don't feel ashamed for checking. Do your due diligence. If not, you will have only yourself to blame. You need to know if the person to whom you are loaning the money has ever declared bankruptcy before. If they have, guess what? Now you are in a position to make better decisions. Maybe you'll still go ahead with the loan, but perhaps you'll loan less (thereby risking less), or maybe the collateral will be greater, but whatever the decision you make, at least it will be an informed decision.

Make the decision to be informed of the facts. The truth hurts less than a lie.

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