Orange Spv M3100 - Turn Off your Pc

by : Bradley Ben

Looking at Orange SPV M3100 one thinks if its a phone or a pocket PC... Of course it is a phone but the charm of this mobile lies in the fact that it occupies within itself a host of multimedia features that makes it as effective as a computer. The Orange SPV M3100allows all - to click pictures, to listen to music, to transfer files and yes to keep seamlessly connected to the world. It is a smartphone, but a little compact when compared to a PDA.

The Orange SPV M3100resemble much of VarioII in an aesthetic sense. It consists of a unique curved C-shaped border and has a silver colour at the back. The gadget is a little bulky when compared to other standard mobiles, but this also imparts a robust and sturdy feel to the Orange SPV M3100. The two sides of the handset when held in hand and used in portrait mode, falls flat neatly in the hands.

The scroll wheel makes navigation easy and the Menu is selected with the help of a touch sensitive screen. To operate the screen, a stylish stylus is provided with the handset of Orange SPV M3100. To make office work easy, the handset also comes with a small QWERTY keypad to help emails, sms, or inputs in the Microsoft word document.

The keypad of this gadget is pretty large and does not pose a problem while typing. The keys are so responsive that a slight touch is also effective. When the screen of Orange SPV M3100flipped into landscape mode, the mobile suits itself to emails and web devices.

The handset is 3G enabled. Thus, it offers the possibility of video calls and broadband-speed internet access via 3G's HSDPA. Further, it also offers SKYPE calls. The Orange SPV M3100is empowered with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. Outlook.