How to Make Cheap International Calls From Cell Phones

by : Bob Graham

Until recently, cell phone users had few options for making high quality, low cost international phone calls from their cell phones. Direct dial international calls made through a cell phone service provider offers quality, convenience and flexibility but, in most cases, the cost is exorbitant. Prepaid phone cards or phone card related products offer low cost but quality is often sacrificed and the user is typically required to dial an access number and enter a PIN code before placing an international call. So how can a cell phone user save money on international calls and still have quality, convenience and flexibility?

New technology was recently introduced which allows cell phone users to make direct dial international calls over a low cost network. This means they can now make cheap international calls with their cell phone without dialing an access number or PIN code. This technology is also simple to implement. All a cell phone user does is down load a piece of free software onto their smart phone and they can immediately start making low cost international calls. They can do this and still keep their same cell phone service provider and domestic call plan. They do not need to change anything. All they need to do is open an account with the low cost international call service provider and down load the software. The software will automatically direct their call over the low cost international network when they dial an international phone number. They will immediately start saving money on international calls and still have quality, convenience and flexibility.

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