Mobile Phones - your Constant Companion

by : Andrena Markley

We have braved thunderstorms, flash storms, cyclones, et al in our lives in various parts of the world. But, there is one storm that threatens to loom large over our lives with all its force, and there is nothing we can do about it. And yet, it is the only storm that we welcome with open arms into our lives. It is the storm that has been invoked by the surging tempo of the mobile phone industry, and its intensity matches the eagerness of the users beat to beat.

The growth of the mobile phone industry since the past decade has been a spectacular achievement with key players across the world showcasing their own expertise in this field. More than anything, the regular up gradation of technology from one level to another is the greatest force behind this phenomenal rise in the mobile phone industry. Owing to this evolutionary process of technological up gradation, mobile phones have gone through a sea change in their functionalities and designs. Mobile phone manufacturers tinker with their creativity to come out with newer and better endowed phones every now and then. In fact, mobile phones have become such an indispensable part of human lives that they behave more like friends to humans. Besides serving the basic communication purpose for humans, mobile phones also open up a whole new world full of entertainment and other daily work resolving utilities. Needless to say, mobile phones relieve humans from unwanted drudgery with its fun filled features like a friend would do so. With exciting features like a music player to drown in your favourite numbers, or an FM radio to tune in to your favourite radio channels and even more, mobile phones have had a drastically positive effect on human beings.

Considering all these statements, it goes without saying that today's mobile phones are hailed more as friends to the users than just mere gadgets.