Latest Mobile Phones: Get Any of Them, Get a Life!

by : Andrena Markley

With the advancement of new technologies, communication world has witnessed a dramatic change in the last couple of years. Forget those expensive ipods and digital cameras, mobile phones with breakthrough features will work as their alternatives. Mobile phones are no more a mere communication device. They have been metamorphosed into multi-utility instruments capable of performing many tasks together. Features like music, camera, gaming, web browsing, document viewing, wireless connectivity with compatible devices etc. have been thoroughly incorporated in the latest mobile phones. All the high-end latest mobile phones have got more or less these features. Some latest mobile phones are capable of showing direct TV feed also.

As people's tastes regarding mobile phones are changing rapidly, mobile phone manufactures like Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola etc. are continuously producing futuristic mobile phones. These companies segregate the market structure as according to the age group and keep on flooding new models to suit their taste, choice and mood. Hence, there are snazzy and funky handsets for the youths, cute and exquisite sliders for the girls, simple candybars for the rest of the people.

Whatever be the shape or size, the latest mobile phones (most of them) have some common features like higher resolution built-in cameras with autofocus, flash and zoom, dedicated musical players with 3D sound, Java as well as downloadable games, enhanced 3G technology, web connectivity, Bluetooth wireless technology, bigger memory size with memory expansion slots, faster data transfers through EDGE, higher resolution display screens and so on.

Some of the most talked about latest mobile phones like Nokia's Nokia N95, LG's LG Prada, LG Shine, Sony Ericsson's W950i etc. really boasts of these features. So, what are you thinking? Don't think twice before buying any latest mobile phone because "thinking" is nothing but a waste of time!