Htc S620: Perfect Professional Phone

by : Adam Jaylin

HTC are famous for its business phones. Out of a wide range of business phones that have come from the house of HTC, our attention is caught by a specific model namely HTC S620, that has been around for quite a while and has aroused a lot of interest in the UK mobile market.

Like a true business phone, HTC S620 is equipped with all the professional features that make this phone one of the very best in this category. HTC S620 is a Quad-Band GSM phone that has also been equipped with features as GPRS and EDGE which are responsible for the best connectivity. With its inbuilt Wi-Fi feature, you can connect to the Internet at your will. Also it comes with e-mail client that keeps you linked with the world. This handset comes with a QWERTY keyboard for the purpose of easy typing. With a TFT display in 65,000 colours, its wide screen gives you perfect web browsing experience.

Though a user might miss 3G technology in this device, HTC S620 still works well without it. This Microsoft Windows 5.0 Smart phone enables the user to open and read all your MS office documents through this device. It thus becomes a perfect professional phone. There is also installed in this handset the feature of MSN instant messenger that allows quick chatting that you may use off and on. (it may or may not only be for business purposes)

Though business phones have an aversion to cameras but it seems that the time and the demand has also mitigated the same. HTC S620 comes with a 1.3 Mega Pixels camera which is not so great in a phone but it is better than those which come without these feature. It also comes with a music player that would make you listen to your favourite music while you are checking your E-mails or browsing the web.

HTC S620 was placed against Blackberry 8700 at the time of its launch, however in dearth of a camera and music player, the latter looks meek in front of the former. Both seem to have different fortes and hence there is no comparison of the both!