Red Dragon? Pink Panther? Whats your Call?

by : Simon Smith

The rapid development in the mobile phone industry has opened the doors for phone manufacturers to apply their innovation skills and meet the growing demands of mobile users. One of the many areas where mobile phone manufacturers concentrate on is the colour of the phones. Mobile phones today come in varied contours and designs. Complimenting the design of a mobile phone with its colour is an important factor for style and saleability. The present day market is abuzz with an exhibition of mobile phones in varied hues and patterns. The conventional black and silver mobile phones of yesteryears have made way for newer colours of red and pink, which are increasingly becoming popular among the experimenting mobile phone lovers. Cashing in on the unique tastes of such mobile phone users, various manufacturers have introduced their own creations in the phone market.

Some of the mobile phones to have made their presence known in these colour phone segments are the Samsung D900 Red, the Samsung E900 Pink, the Nokia 7373 Pink, the Nokia 7390 Pink, and so on. If you are someone who digs bright overflowing colours, and want to get a dash of it on your mobile phone, then these phones are the answer to your prayers. Another factor for their popularity is the sporty look that these mobile phones portray, thereby allowing the users to express their personality and attitude.

Mobile stalwarts Nokia and Samsung are two of the manufacturers who have showcased varied range of mobile phones in the colours red and pink. Fuelled with the demand for trendy and customised mobile phones in the market, the phone manufacturers are more than happy to oblige the users with their creations. What's more, some of these mobile phones even come with the facility to change the outer covers for the ones with the desired colours. This is a revolution in mobile phones, and it is here to stay.