Network Provide, Mobile Phones

by : Simon Smith

Are you aware where does your mobile phone store all the vital information like phone numbers? Yes, all this information is stored in the SIM card of your phone. A SIM card can be in a contract mobile phone or pay as you go phone. Here comes the concept of "Sim free phones". These phones are sold without a connection or line and are not locked to a particular network. You have the flexibility to change your network with Sim free phones. This is a cost effective ways to buy a SIM card local to the company you are visiting. You can find SIM free phones available at very reasonable prices in a wide range of choices.

Sim free phones are different from Pay as you go phones. In Pay as you go phone, you pay for what you use. This is for people who don't need many minutes to talk on the mobile phone. The main advantage is that you are not tied to a long term mobile contract. You can purchase minutes anytime you run out of credit. You would not get a surprise bill at the end of the month. In other words you have a control over your expenses.

Contract mobile phones are another option in which you enter into a contractual agreement with the service provider of your choice. You have to subscribe to the services of your desired network for a period of 12-18 months. In UK, contract mobile phones have become very popular as they bring in lots of offers with them. Leading networks like Orange, 3, T-mobile, have attractive mobile phone deals for you like 12 months free line rentals, cash back offers, free handset, special discounts, free minutes, etc. The latest mobile phone deals are updated on a regular basis and these are devised on the latest handsets popular among the users.

Sim free phones may be expensive than contract phones and pay as you go phones but they give the freedom to select a service provider of your choice.