Orange Spv C600

by : Keith Rickwood

The Orange SPV C600 is turning out to be the perfect companion for both business as well as pleasure. It can connect seamlessly with personal computers and can therefore be used extensively in the business world. The SPV C600 from Orange with a host of imaging and multimedia options is also turning out to be invaluable to spice up otherwise mundane lives.

To reiterate, the SPV C600 smart phone from Orange comes with Windows Mobile Version 5 and can connect seamlessly with Windows powered personal computers. This makes it possible for people to send and receive emails, even when they are on the move. Working professionals, especially the globe trotting kinds, can use the specialized capabilities of the Orange SPV C600 in this sector, to keep ahead of work related deadlines.

Seamless connectivity is not the only benefit of using the Orange SPV C600 this unique handset from Orange offers quite a lot more in the form of multimedia options. The Orange SPV C600, for instance, comes with a 1.3 megapixel digital camera which is just perfect for image capture, video capture as well as video playback.

Then there is the Windows Media Player 10, wherein one can listen to music, even on the move. With sufficient space to store quite a large number of images, files and video clips, the Orange SPV C600 is fast becoming indispensable in different situations and circumstances.

One could use the Orange SPV C600 to access emails or send instant messages. One could also use it to connect wirelessly with other Bluetooth compatible devices. One could enjoy images and video clips on the impressive 65,536 color display with a QVGA resolution of 320x240 pixels. Easy to use and operate, the Orange SPV C600 is definitely worth all the publicity that it is getting.