Is it possible to create your own customized t mobile ringtones?

by : Olivia Andrews

When I was a kid, mobile phones used to ring with simple sounds that were dull and unpleasant. The only purpose was to make the mobile phone user alert for any of the incoming calls. Now after so many years, the whole scenario has changed. Music ringtones and wallpapers have become the heartbeat of people. Especially youngsters love to have all the latest ringtones and other customized ringtones in their mobile phone.

The old mobile phone beep has consequently changed into monotones lead by polyphonic ringtones and then voice tones, true tones and much more. Most of you might be purchasing ringtones through different cell phone service providers or downloading it from the internet.
But have you ever think of creating a ringtone by yourself. Yes, it is all possible with new ringtone software and tools in the market.

Software such as ringtone converter helps you to create, add or edit music to your favorite songs or sound files and record them. You can really create a ringtone of your choice including music tones, cool ringtones, funny tones, spoken voice tones, holiday tones, birthday tones, jokes tones and other unusual sound tones. Apart from ringtones you have a choice to create wallpapers, mp3 ringtones that could be outstanding with your creativity.

What do you require for using ringtone converter software?
You need to download this software and a mobile phone to which it has to be used to. This software runs both on Microsoft and Apple- MS platforms. It has many features and also a ringtone composer. It is used to convert RTTL (Ring Tone Text Transfer Language), Midi and other sound files in the format so that they can work with your mobile phone. It doesn't require any cables, infra red connections, sms and premium rate phone calls.

You can use the built in search facility of the ringtone converter to find out 1000's of RTTL tones which are then used by the ringtone converter to store tones. The windows version of the ringtone converter allows you to convert midi files into RTTL that you can use with your mobile phone later. When you want to have modern pop songs which are usually in RTTL format you should take care that it is subject to copyright laws. Once you have got the ringtone in your mobile you can easily save it in the menu by saving it the ringtone directory as .txt format. Next time when you will start the mobile and enter ringtone directory, it will appear in the drop down menu.

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