Google Diagnosis, the New Doctors Aid

by : George Christodoulou

It seems that lately Google is being used for almost everything, an example of this are the new diagnosis run by doctors all around the world when faced against a rare disease. Whenever a patient shows weird symptoms, new generational doctors just turn on their computers and search for the most possible cause; Google has an amazing rate of success of 58% in determining the bizarre disease afflicting the patient.

The problem is that many people are now using Google for self diagnoses, which is completely wrong. The effectiveness of the Google search for illnesses relies on the expert's knowledge and experience in the medical field in order to return proper results; otherwise, inexperienced people who prescribe themselves by the help of Google might end up consuming the wrong kind of medication.

Inaccurate diagnoses of certain illnesses are becoming extremely detrimental to overall well being of patients. They become dependent on what these sites say and avoid going to an actual doctor. Many problems that they may have and can only be detected by doctors and their instruments may be overlooked. Considering that every medical problem varies depending on the person, the diagnosis given will also vary. Unfortunately, getting answers on Google ignores the significance of each individual medical issue.

However, this entire situation makes us wonder how far technology will go in the future, a few years ago we would have never thought of starting up our computer in order to obtain a free diagnosis, but it might become a reality in the near future. It is nice to learn of the beneficial aspects of the Internet, and it is even greater to know that there are tools out there specially designed for people who are willing to help others.