Dish Network Brings you All of the Information you Need

by : Julia Hall

With each passing day, the twenty first century is becoming more and more thoroughly the age of information. Information educates us, stimulates new ideas, entertains us, and draws us closer together by giving us something to talk about. Many of our most respected professions involve creating new information, distributing information, and improving the tools, like computers and televisions, that we need to get information. In this age where information is so vital to our existence you need a television provider that can bring you the news, educational programming, and entertainment that you need, and no one does that better than Dish Network .

Not only can Dish Network bring you all of the information you need, it can bring it to you in a variety of media in the package that's right for you. For example Dish Network 's entry level television plan, America's Top 60 Entertainment Package has sixty channels including the Discovery Channel, Food Network, CNN, the Weather Channel, ESPN and ESPNews, Headline News, and more. America's Top 120 Entertainment Package has all of the same great programming of America's Top 60 with the addition of 60 more channels like Turner Classic Movies, Univision, BBC America, Discovery Health, and FOX News. America's Top 180 Entertainment Package consists of all of the channels in America's Top 60 and America's Top 180 Entertainment Packages, but adds 60 more channels including VH1 Classic, the History Channels International, Bloomberg TV, FOX Sports World, SoapNet, and CNBC World. For lots of great movies, choose America's Everything Pak with all of the great channels of America's Top 180 Entertainment Package plus 4 movie packages like Showtime Unlimited and the STARZ! Super Pak for a total of 31 exclusive movie channels.

Dish Network is also your choice if you want to know what's going on in the world of sports. America's Top 60 Plus is a great value for sports coverage along with standard news and entertainment. It has all of the channels of America's Top 60 Entertainment Package along with regional sports networks.

If you need to know whats going on in other parts of the world, there's no better way than to find out from the people living there. Dish Network can let you do this with it's selection of international programming in 19 different languages including French, Korean, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, German, and Armenian to name a few. Great Wall TV provides Chinese programming, and Dish Network's Latino Packages provide various mixture of Spanish and English programming for bilingual families.

Dish Network also provides great new technology to help you manage all of the entertainment, news, and information that it can provide for you. All Dishnet subscribers, regardless of their programming package, get to enjoy the Dish Interactive Electronic Program Guide. With the Electronic Program Guide you can easily scroll through a table which shows you all of the programming available for you to choose from. Each family member can also create lists of their favorite channels, so they don't have to scroll through everyone else's programs to find what they're looking for. The Parental Control Lock feature makes it easy to control what kind of programming your kids can watch while the use of a password will give you access to everything.

Dish Network can provide you with a Digital Video Recorder, or DVR. A DishTV DVR makes it easy to record all of your favorite shows (up to 200 hours on some models) regardless of whether or not you're at home so you can watch them when you want. Dish Network DVR technology also lets you pause and rewind live TV so you don't have to hesitate to pick up the phone when it rings.

This month you will also be eligible to receive a free Dish Network HDTV receiver. This will enable you to view Dishnetworks terrific High Defintion (HD) programming selection .With a huge variety of programming, great technology, and the best deals and promotional offers, Dish Network is the service of choice for all your information needs. It is time to switch. Start now.