Free Equipment & Free Professional Installation

by : Julia Hall

Directv , with an established and successful history of being the #1 leader of digital satellite television services, strives to provide the best in quality entertainment for everyone. How did they arrive at this prestigious position? Their distinct and clearly unique capabilities in the area of satellite communications technology have given them the largest viewing base in the world - over 15 million and growing. Satisfied customers are their goal, and it is also their reward - elevating them to the #1 position.

Direct TV's promotional offer of free equipment and free professional installation are an attraction to many viewers. In addition, they give each new subscriber a Personal Video Recorder to enhance the new home entertainment system. For busy families, the PVR is a lifesaver, a mediator, a problem solver, and a stress reliever. Favorites can be prerecorded for viewing at a convenient time rather than the broadcast time. Recording is easy with programming digitally stored on the hard drive. Features of the slim remote include Record, Fast Forward, Rewind, and Pause. Live programming can be paused and resumed. The PVR has the capacity for up to 70 hours with the Pause feature allowing you to eliminate commercials or other interferences. The sleek Satellite dish, attached to your home and pointing toward the Southern sky, receives transmitted signals directly from Direct TV's satellites and directs signaling through the receiver where they are formatted into either standard or high definition resolution and then onto your television screen for enjoyment. Direct TV Satellite TV 's highly advanced communications technology exhibits excellent crystal-clear imaging with CD quality sound.

Excellent programming packages and prices is another reason for continued growth. The entry-level package is comparable to other providers' mid-level packages with the prices being somewhat less. Programming choices are vast and diverse with over 250 channels of selections being offered by Directv . Packages and package prices are grouped according to the number of channels, with increases from 155 to over 250 channels of superb shows. In addition, Direct TV offers Specialty packages for those who desire more sports and an International service that includes programming in different languages as well as more sports with an international flavor. Total Choice provides over 255 channels and XM Satellite music, with Total Choice Plus increasing the channels to 185, and Total Choice Plus includes every channel provided by Direct TV - over 250 channels of TV at its finest. All packages include local broadcasting. Each package is broad in scope - the best of movies, sports, adult and children's programming, music, news, and life-style channels. No one will ever be bored with television again and will probably look forward to leisure time in front of the set. Specialty programming is appropriately named as it includes the best of seasonal sports - NBA League Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket, March Madness, and more. The International service package also contains Cricket matches, Lacrosse, Soccer, and other sports events.

These are just some of the many reasons Direct TV ranks #1 in digital satellite provider services, with customer satisfaction being why they continue their expansion of quality services in entertainment. Customer Service is always priority with Direct TV, and all questions will be answered to the customer's satisfaction. Switch to the best. Start now and order today. Next day installation is frequently available. Join the millions of other satisfied television fans with Direct TV .