Digital Design Data Most Critical According to Ricardo Talbot

by : Thomas Cutler

According to Ricardo Talbot, Chief Science Officer with Elmo Solutions, "Originally, the whole idea behind Elmo BoM was to use it as a showcase of our in-depth expertise on the management of one of your most precious assets: your digital design data. We expect you to use Elmo BoM on a daily basis and, eventually, you're going to have support needs. Or better yet, you'll think of something else you would like Elmo BoM to do for you. Or even better yet, you'll call on us to discuss some other issues, critical or not, you may face in your business. In any of those situations, we will gladly help you. That's how we expect our investment - past and future - in Elmo BoM to pay off."

Elmo BoM was developed with the non-designing users in mind. Its purpose is primarily to allow those people to use of data that is generated, either automatically or manually, during the design process. Those people may be involved in a wide range of business processes:

&bullProduction & manufacturing
&bullCost & estimating
&bullSales & marketing
&bullQuality assurance

Data exported by Elmo BoM can be used for a wide range of applications including:

&bullBuild bills of materials
&bullImport bills of material into MRP / ERP systems
&bullImport data into cost product calculation systems
&bullUser activity reports
&bull"Where-used" reports
&bullDocument catalogs
&bullProduct catalogs
&bullSpare parts catalogs

About Elmo Solutions:

Elmo Solutions Inc. ( is the leader in managing CAD/PLM metadata, and provides unique software products such as Elmo Search, the enterprise search engine software for CAD/PLM and other documents; Elmo Link, a CAD companion software application that provides a live, bidirectional, "hot" link between CAD/PLM and MRP/ERP applications; and Elmo BoM, a standalone application that allows batch extraction of the metadata found in CAD/PLM documents in a single operation.

Elmo Solutions provides comprehensive professional services related to the creation, maintenance, transformation and processing of CAD/PLM metadata. Elmo Solutions is headquartered in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and has users in 42 countries. Elmo Solutions is an offshoot of IRISCO du Quebec Inc., a professional services company specializing in Products / Property / Project Lifecycle Management. Established in 1976, its customers include manufacturing companies, public utilities, engineering and government organizations.