Gourmet Sauces, Enterprise 21 Selection

by : Thomas Cutler

Manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler profiled the significant technology advances of More Than Gourmet (MTG) is a Gourmet Sauce manufacturer with nearly $20 Million in annual sales. Located in Akron, Ohio the company faced many lean challenges from excessive paperwork and manual processing to lack of visibility to inventory and customer data; there was no integration between manufacturing and warehousing operations.
To overcome the lean challenges the sauce manufacturer implemented Enterprise 21 ERP (enterprise resource planning) by Technology Group International (TGI). When MTG purchased the ERP system, the company was booking $2 million in annual sales. Since that time the company has transformed into the premier provider of gourmet sauces and is recognized worldwide for its outstanding culinary achievements. The company not only quickly obtained their return on investment, the implementation of Enterprise 21 allowed the company to experience exponential growth over a short period of time without a corresponding growth in manpower to service that growth.

The specific benefits from the TGI technology solution included:

â™? Fully integrated operations from quoting and order entry through manufacturing and shipping
â™? Streamlined inventory control via integration of RF and barcode processing
â™? Automated shipping manifesting and freight cost determination
â™? Increased customer satisfaction via proactive management of customer base and online availability to account information
â™? International product sales offered 24/7 via the e-commerce module Using the internet-based user interface capability of Enterprise 21, More Than Gourmet services its customers and distribution network throughout Europe and Southeast Asia using its computing facility located in Akron, Ohio.

Quality, Safety, and Lean Efficiency Achieved

There were specific areas of lean improvement which allowed for the maximum focus on quality and safety regulations and requirements. Some of the lean areas the More That Gourmet quantified included:

â™? Reduction in paper processing
â™? Streamlined inventory control using RF and bar coding
â™? Fully-integrated manufacturing operations
â™? Proactive Customer Relationship Management

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