LG Prada: Touch and Explore

by : Adam Caitlin

Being one of the leading companies in consumer electronics and mobile phones, LG Electronics has combined itself with the PRADA, another leading brands in the luxury good industry. Their combined effort have brought a new touch screen mobile phone, the LG PRADA before the consumers all over the globe.

Its really a breakthrough in the industry and this PRADA phone by LG gives a new experience to the mobile user. With a unique look and sophistication, its the first of its kind with advanced touch interface. Both LG and PRADA have worked together, from phone design to the marketing strategy and of course, for the uncompromising quality. PRADA has added more such as some key elements including the advanced touch interface, ring tones, mobile accessories and lots more.

Being the world's first advanced touch interface, it eliminates the cumbersome keypad experience to a tactile one. With a large LCD screen, the LG PRADA delivers more visual impact - enabling you to take advantage of the many key features of the handset such as a 2.0 mega-pixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach lens, video player, document viewer and more. Moreover, these high-end features complement the phone's stunning look and simplistic design.

Its a very slim phone (12mm), but it never compromises on features. The phone boasts a host of multimedia functions such as MP3 player and other music functions. And with an external memory support, it offers more space for images, music and video clips.

The tri band phone comes equipped with connectivity features such as Bluetooth, USB, EDGE and more - connect the phone with any other compatible devices and transfer data with or without using a wire. Enjoy mobile internet and keep you updated with the latest news and information or synchronise emails on the move.

Feel the difference with the LG PRADA.