Identifying Quality Anti-adware Software

by : Josh George

Ever since the media started publicizing the damages that adware and other forms of malicious software have had on businesses and individuals, the industry of computer and internet security has boomed.?Just searching for the term " adware" or "pop up" in any search engine will yield millions of results.?With the ever-increasing amount of businesses promoting their own anti-adware software, this article will discuss what you should look for in terms of finding quality software for preventing, detecting, and eliminating adware.?

1. Query the Search Engines

Do searches for terms like "adware", "adware prevention ", "adware detection", etc.?Especially in Google, the top results you see are likely quality sites for information and products in regards to eliminating adware.?While this is definitely a good practice, do not completely depend on this.?Just because the results of your search queries have the top ranks does not automatically mean they are quality products/services.?

2. Look For The Guarantees

Companies or businesses that are confident with their anti-adware products will back them up with guarantees.?This not only gives a professional aspect to the business selling the adware removal tools, but it also gives you the confidence that if the product doesn't meet your expectations, you can get a refund for it.?Steer away from the adware businesses who offer no forms of guarantees.

3. Search for Unbiased Reviews

When you find an adware product that looks promising, spend some time reading some unbiased reviews.?These are probably one of the best things you can do when searching for adware software.?The reason being is because people (or companies) will give their honest opinion about the adware software, no holds barred.

The question is, how can you differentiate between honest reviews and marketing ploys for adware software??Some of the best things you can do to reduce the probability of promotional reviews are to go to trusted third-party sites (i.e.,, etc.) and read their reviews and ratings on the specific adware product.?Websites like these are designed so the user can expect unbiased opinions.?Aside from trusted sites, also research the adware product(s) on and read the customer reviews.?While these can be marketing ploys, they are mainly honest reviews from customers who bought the software.

4. Perform Tests of Your Own

Most likely, anti-adware products that are of good quality will allow you to download a demo of the software to try on your computer.?Do not be afraid to do this.?In fact, if are truly interested in the adware software, this is a must.?While you can read all of the reviews you want about the adware product, your review is the only one that matters in the end.