Registry Cleaner and Registry Repair Software Tools

by : Sam Roberts

The Windows registry gets bigger every time you install a new program - it just keeps growing! It is a database which stores information on a computer's configuration. Well, it does all that. It gathers all the unwanted information causing it to become fragmented and scattered, which slows your computer down and takes up all your space.

With the registry growing so frequently, your whole system can be degraded and it will probably cause you endless problems with your software. To keep your computer running smoothly you should clean your windows as frequently as possible. Registry cleaner software is a custom made software program which helps you to easily remove unwanted information from your Windows registry.

Registry cleaner software scans your system and finds all the wrong and unwanted information and deletes it permanently from the PC. Once that process is done your computer will have no more problems and it will run a lot faster. Most of the registry cleaner software also allows the user to backup all your information to store it to the registry just incase you experience some sort of system failure. This feature will also let you handle the startup easily.

The Windows registry plays a very important role in the operation of your computer. Error messages and window crashers are usually caused by problems with the windows registry and those problems are most likely to be caused by software not being removed properly, information not removed after un-installation and hard drives that are corrupt. That will make the registry bigger causing your computer to slow down dramatically because it will take longer to acknowledge, search and read the data.

The registry cleaner software will scan Windows and pick up and list all the errors it found, and then fix it all, making your computer faster. You can also repair any changes that were made. A high performance process is used to detect all the errors in the registry. You can also choose to individually clean items or you can just select them all.

All traces of you being online and your internet history will also be removed, that way no one can interfere in your privacy and it takes normally a few minutes to perform the process. It will also remove all your junk files, manage your internet, and remove entries that are invalid. The registry cleaner software also includes options to mend or delete all shortcuts and to completely uninstall any software, which you do not want in your system.