Spy on Google Competition with New Software

by : Sergey Korovin


Date: April 12, 2007
Contact: Andy Moor
Company: Link-Assistant.Com
Title: PR Manager
Email: press@link-assistant.com

Link-Assistant.Com proudly presents SEO SpyGlass, v1.0, a shining new SEO product that lets you see exactly why your competitors are ranked higher than you in the search engines, so you can use their winning SEO strategy to get your site to the top.

SEO SpyGlass is an advanced SEO analytics software that makes a perfect tool for anyone interested in achieving top rankings in today's Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Whether you are a professional search engine marketer, or just a webmaster seeking extra Google traffic, SEO SpyGlass will tell you exactly what it takes to grab the #1 spot for any keyword you target.
Features and Benefits
Reveal The Entire Optimization Strategy Of Your Competitors In A Few Clicks
If you ever wished you could quickly and easily figure out how to outrank your deeply entrenched competitors and get to Top Ten, SEO SpyGlass is exactly what you need.

Just fire up SEO SpyGlass, and in a matter of minutes it will show you all the winning optimization techniques your top-ranking competitors are using to come on top of Google, Yahoo! and MSN. A fraction of this valuable insider information includes:

-Where your competitors are getting backlinks from;
-How important each backlink is to Google;
-What your competitor's biggest traffic sources are;
-Which keywords your competitors target;
-Your competitor's anchor and title keyword density;
-If your competitors use social media such as forums and blogs to rank higher;
-If they are using paid links for an extra traffic and rankings boost;
-Whether or not your competitors have backlinks coming from authoritative directories such as DMOZ and the Yahoo! Directory;
-The exact link value of every backlink your competitor has;
-Plus much, much more!

Once SEO SpyGlass is done with the analysis, you'll have a winning SEO blueprint for your own website's success. SEO SpyGlass is not limited to the number of sites you can analyze, so you can use it to consistently create a linking strategy that's always one step ahead of the competition!

Note: The current version of SEO SpyGlass supports Google, Yahoo! and MSN, as well as their regional versions for UK, Germany, France and Australia - a total of 28 different search engines.

Availability and Pricing
Available today, SEO SpyGlass v1.0 runs seamlessly on all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

SEO SpyGlass is distributed using the "try-before-you-buy" model. A free demo version is available for evaluation at http://www.link-assistant.com/seo-spyglass.

The current price tag for the Professional License of SEO SpyGlass is $87, and, unlike other products, SEO SpyGlass lets you to manage an unlimited number of sites at no extra cost.

About Link-Assistant.Com
Founded in 2005, Link-Assistant.Com is a rapidly-growing software company with a primary focus on developing off-the-shelf solutions for the SEO industry.

The company's leading-edge product SEO SpyGlass is an advanced competition research tool designed to show you exactly why a top-raking site ranks well in major search engines, and give you a complete blueprint for a #1 spot in the SERPs.

LinkAssistant SEO Tool, another vendor's product, is used by thousands of webmasters, independent SEOs, and SEM companies from more than 25 countries to improve website rankings, drive more targeted traffic to their sites and offer more value to the site's visitors.

More information about the company is available at http://www.link-assistant.com.