Electrical Panel Inventory Control Software

by : Hilery Jeorge

Intellinet Systems is a software development company providing electrical panel Inventory Control Software,erp costing control software applications for Enterprises, Warehouses, Manufacturers, Distributors and companies needing to track and manage their assets.

Intellicosting A GUI based Costing,comprehensive inventory management and inventory control software application - MIS tool for the Panel Industry developed using Microsoft technologies. This is an innovative product targeting the Electrical Panel Industry, automating the core processes of the Panel Industry.

Intellicosting Covering such areas as: Costing Sheet / BOM (Bill of Material),SOP (Schedule of Price),Composite BOQ,One Click Swap Make,Product Recall, Batch Assembly, Processing, Invoicing and Inventory Management.We also have developed a comprehensive set of analysis tools to help you make intelligent decisions about your inventory.

Intellicosting Software can control inventory in:

1.Warehouse inventory, stockroom inventory , logistics inventory , inventory management.

2.Assembly manufacturing software with BOM, "made to order" or stock inventory.

3. Process manufacturing software with or without lot tracking and expiration dates.

4. Serial number and asset tag inventory.

5. Distribution software with inventory tracking, pick and pack logic.

6. Customer furnished material for kiting and packaging etc.

Key Features:


1. Costing Sheet / BOM (Bill of Material).
2. SOP (Schedule of Price)
3. Composite BOQ.
4. One Click Swap Make
5. One Click Alter Discount.



1. Weekly Enquiry Report.
2. Monthly Quotation Report.
3. Follow Up Plan.
4. Orders Booked Summary.
5. Orders Lost Summary.
Hilery is the expert of Electrical Panel Inventory Control Software