Review of Contact Center Anywhere Software

by : Remy

The Oracle Contact Anywhere Center is a multi faceted product that allows your business to place calls, and to intercommunicate far more efficiently with your customers, this highly organised package allows you to use such tools as telephone, chat, email and web recall as well as queuing and routing of traditional calls. The software also allows for Predictive Dialer to be utilized as well as IVR and recording of both in and outbound calls. These features will enable your agents to be much more cost-efficient in their operations and will be able to stay on top of their workloads much more easily.
Your agents can be based at any location in the world with this system allowing for even greater coverage, and will be at the forefront of customer service and consumer interaction. Your supervisors will have greater freedom of movement within the system and be able to monitor much more effectively. The administrators will be able to accommodate any changes immediately and can also change things in real time. This will allow for greater movement and superior management of the whole system and everyone using it will be up to date on happenings at all times.
If you value add to this program with ProStar CRM will allow you to have the absolute plan of action to you customer service needs, you will have the Call Centre Ondemand at your finger tips. This will in effect have a far greater impact on your overall profitability and enable you to maintain the absolute in customer service and call center output. You won't get multi site control like this with any other system on the market and this allows for your organization to move ahead at the front of your competitors.
The tools involved here are very user friendly and your agents will be able to interface and exploit the inclusive customer fundamental interaction and be at the cusp of their profession, this will in turn make it easier for the whole team to follow up and make those all important return calls, or transfer calls, all in real time. This system also enhances the malleability by extending the contact center substructure with the inclusion of remote agents and service people. All users will have access to the same system therefore keeping them all on the same page- so to speak, and this only heightens the overall structure of your professionalism.
The Oracle Contact Anywhere system allows you to use the tools by delivering only the best in customer service and also allow your agents the flexibility to work from anywhere and letting them work in remote and local positions. This gives you the business edge as your organization has the ability to cover large tracts of the globe from anywhere you desire and at anytime you need to. Keeping everything on a single system only makes for easier and more professional management to take place and will reduce the amount of time constraints that other systems place on administrators.