Hosted Software - a Brief Introduction

by : Remy Na

Hosted Software - A brief introduction

The enhancement in the field of technology has lately kept everything entangled towards the computer and the internet. Every function viewed in the computer is a result of installing software. Depending on your requirement of business, software is available. One has to make a slow and wise choice in buying the required software. There are traditional software and hosted software available. Going through the details of both the software will enrich your knowledge in selecting the appropriate software. Recently, the hosted software is in great demand.

Traditional software

Traditional software is software developed by the programmers suitable to various companies. The programmers write codes and this is then transformed into a CD that can be used to install the software. This CD is then reproduced and packaged at a manufacturing plant. Once the software package is complete it is shipped to several stores through a network of distribution centers. This software can be purchased at any store and can be installed in the computer. Ultimately, this software can be used with comfort. This is a typical type of software where you do not have to think about various steps. You have to buy each step and buying the software off the shelf is expensive. The traditional software is a conventional type of software with no distinct variations.

Hosted software

Hosted software also involves writing code for programmers. This is a little different. Hosted software is creating software and getting it directly installed onto a server. A server takes specific task such as running software or a website for you. Using software that is run based on the server is identical to using a website. So hosted software is software operated on a special server that can be used from your computer. You can understand this better, by acquiring knowledge on the working system of computer software. The software that you view and use is known as the User Interface. It is considered to be the driving force; in fact it represents the steering wheel and pedals of a car. Software also has many pedals serving the same function. The interface of the user will take your input and make use of the software's data as well as logic to perform the work for you. For instance, if you type "2+4=" on the calculators user interface, the software applies its logic and data to prompt you the answer as 6.
Working of Software
The software you purchase from a store has both, the interface of the user and the logic and data running on your computer. The working system of the Hosted software is a little bit different. For instance when you use the internet, the user interface runs from your computer. In the hosted software, the user interface directly talks on the website instead of the data and logic of your computer. The information is kept safe in an encrypted form avoiding unwanted people from peeping at your data. In a nutshell, hosted software is used from the web browser and works like running software on your computer. Very soon noticing the benefits many companies may shift to hosted software.