Spyware - the Main Hurdle of an Efficient System

by : Arvind

Spyware is the main hurdle of any efficient system. Just as any other virus that may infect your system there are any number of sites that promote some product or service on the Internet and may have let loose a few Spyware programs that covertly download themselves onto your PC. Then they begin to operate in the background of the operating system unknown to the operator that this Spyware is observing every entry made through the keyboard and pointing device.

Such Spyware take up a lot of the processor time by overriding the IRQ settings of the peripheral devices and 'hijacking' the system in order to buy time to operate. This Spyware can be removed with the help of anti Spyware programs and safeguard the system from inadvertently giving out personal data. The entries in the registry can be removed with the help of the many free Spyware Adware removal tools such as Microsoft free Spyware Adware removal utility and Yahoo Spyware removal tools.

Why The Registry Slows Down A System

As the registry gets older with constant use, it gets updated every time there is a change in the system. This change may be some program that has been added to or removed from the system or some hardware that has been added or removed. The registry updates its records with the change. However, not all the registry entries may be deleted when a program or hardware device is uninstalled. So, when a program requests the registry for some information the registry starts searching from the beginning of the database. It will go through all the entries one by one.

This will include all the redundant entries, which may be tens of thousands in number; this slows the system down drastically. The redundant entries are entries that are linked to the programs or hardware that have been uninstalled from the system. So, as you see, these entries are no longer needed but the registry scans them all the same. A good free Spyware Removal program will remove these obsolete entries from your system so the registry will no longer scan them. Making the system faster and more efficient.

Spyware installs itself on the system making hundreds of entries in the registry. When the anti virus utilities detect and remove the Spyware it leaves traces of it in the registry because anti virus is not designed to scan the registry. Only special Spyware removal tools can achieve this formidable task. The good anti Spyware such as free windows Microsoft Spyware remover utility can effectively remove all traces of Spyware from the registry to stabilize the system once again and make is joy to work on the PC.