Spyware Can Kill the Registry

by : Arvind

Spyware is malicious software that can kill the registry. What does Spyware have to do with the windows registry? Well, everything and anything that happens on the computer is registered in the registry. The registry is an integral part of the operating system and whatever is added to the computer or removed from the computer is registered in the system registry. When a device such as any hardware is installed, the information pertaining to that hardware is recorded in the system registry. This information includes the kind of device it is and the name of the manufacturer as well.

When the device was installed and also when it was uninstalled is also recorded. If one needs to know what was installed in the PC and when they simply have to refer to the system registry for the information. However, when a device is uninstalled from the system the information is not removed completely from system. This information is not necessary and just contributes to slowing the system down. Therefore the registry along with the entire system must be cleaned of the Spyware, and useless information, by premium or free Spyware removal software.

Where Does Spyware Come In?

Spyware loads itself on to a system to collect personal data and secretly mail it to a web site or email address. This information is used for marketing and at many times criminal intent. Spyware operates secretly in the background while the computer is running, and can only be removed by Spyware removal programs. All the while the Spyware is gathering information from the system.

This Spyware is also stored in the system registry by the operating system. While the Spyware is operating, it is sending and receiving a lot of information over the Internet. This information is constantly updated in the registry by the operating system making the registry swell beyond proportions. As the registry grows the system slows and gradually begins to crawl.

What To Do When The System Slows?

When you discover the system has become slower than usual it is best to download and run some anti-virus utility or Spyware removal program. Though this software may remove the Spyware it will leave traces of the program in different parts of the registry. This then has to be cleaned with special free Spyware Adware removal software.

It is best to download free Adware Spyware removal programs or Microsoft free Spyware removal Software to take care of the problem instead of diving into the registry manually. That can cause more damage than good. Free yahoo Spyware removal software is good enough to get your system up and running again that too at a good speed. Spyware removal software also makes the system more stable and less prone to crashes.