Windows Anti Spyware Programs - What Makes a Good One?

by : Daniel Roy

It may sound dramatic, but spyware is an absolute epidemic on the net today. If do not have a windows anti spyware program installed and surf the Internet, then chances are your computer is infected right now. Spyware can be hiding everywhere, on that last web page you just visited, in that file sharing program you use or even in that instant messenger you just opened.

If left unchecked, spyware will most certainly have adverse effects on your computer. It can be anything from one annoying pop up, to having your screen overwhelmed by them, to weird toolbars showing up in your web browser, to your computer slowing down and even completely freezing up. Some spyware has even been known to hijack your web sessions and redirect you to different pages when trying to access websites. Spyware has even been linked to identity theft!

Whether it's causing annoyances or rendering your computer completely useless, spyware is a menace that must be controlled. Installing a program is the best way to ensure that your computer stays as free as possible from spyware. Once installed, these programs can remove any spyware already on your computer and prevent additional spyware from finding it's way onto your machine.

There are a plethora of programs on the market, but some are better than others. So what makes some better than others?

Well, any program should have features like real-time protection, automatic updates, a consistently updated spyware definition database and scheduled scanning. It should also have a user interface that's easy to use and be compliant with your operating system. If you are running Vista from Microsoft, then be sure to double check that the anti spyware program supports it. There are still many programs that do not.

Purchasing in a good, solid windows anti spyware program is one of the best investments you will ever make for your computer. Make sure your machine doesn't become insanely frustrating to use or worse, the most expensive paper-weight you'll ever own!