What Documents Do Trial Attorneys in California Look For?

by : Rainier Policarpio

Sustaining personal injuries from any tragic accident in California due to other party’s fault can be so disastrous. Unless you were able to recover damages from the liable person, we may consider that justice is not yet fully served. Thus, it is necessary for you to have credible allies in pursuing a claim suit – professional trial attorneys in California.

Meanwhile, you should also know that proper assessment of a legal case is significant to increase the merits of such action. This is one of the main reasons, why it is imperative for your legal counsel to have a complete and thorough review of all the following documents and evidences before pushing through with your claim:

• Insurance policy – presenting your insurance policy to your legal counsel will enable him to identify the type of coverage you have, based on the terms stated. Yet, if you do not have a copy of such statement from your insurance company, you may opt to give your attorney a written consent to obtain it for you.

• Proof of premium payments – your attorney will be requesting for all the statements certifying that you are fully updated in paying your premiums. This will serve as evidences that your policy is updated and enforceable.

• Police reports – usually, personal injury-causing incidents require the response and proper documentation of the police authorities. In these reports, the police officers write down all the essential facts that transpired in the accident. This may also include their initial opinion on who should be held liable for the damages.

• Tickets handed over for any traffic violations – if you have been given tickets for any traffic violation, you have to inform it to your attorney because such instances can definitely cause great effects on the result of your case.

• Copy of your statements – after your insurance company has been informed of the accident, there is a great chance that they will contact you and get some statements from you regarding the accident. You should then furnish a copy of such statement to your California trial attorney for an evaluation. However, it is not advisable for you to explain everything to your insurance company without the advice of your counsel.

• Pictures taken from the actual scene – in some cases, verbal or written testimonies are not enough to prove a lawsuit. Especially during accidents, pictures taken from the site can be very helpful. These pieces of evidences may also indicate that the accident has been caused by the other party’s fault.

• Medical and/or psychological records – this will enable your attorney to calculate the possible amount that you may recover. Generally, these include the names and contact information of all the hospitals, clinics and doctors who have given you medical assistance. Furthermore, it is also vital to include information about your accumulated expenses together with all its corresponding receipts.

• Record of your earnings – the law that covers personal injuries gives the victims the right to be reimbursed for their lost wages due to the amount of time they need to spend in hospitals for their treatment process. Therefore, you should present your pay slips to your attorney to specify the amount that you have lost.

Filing a personal injury claim is not as easy as you think. Although you are being represented with the most competent legal advocate, your obligation to work hand in hand with your attorney is very vital in attaining the best and most favorable result.

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