Fight Spyware, Adware and Clean Up Your Computer

by : Stephanie Weismiller

I was struck by an analogy the other day, that to me makes sense. Your computer is like your car. The day you buy it is outdated and will lose its luster slowly but surely. In an effort to keep that shiny new car looking and running like the day you drove it off the lot, we wash and wax it regularly and adhere to annual tune-ups and general maintenance. The same principles should apply to your computer.

Computers have obviously seen a traumatic rise in usage in the last 10 years. Our whole world is viral. We communicate and conduct business online, we purchase products and services online, we date online, we buy houses, cars, boats and even attend college online, we recieve our mail online and pay bills online. Let's face it, we are connected. Connected in every gambit of our lives.

With this extreme conveniency comes a cost. In a viral world where we do not develope personal relationships when conducting our daily business online, there is a risk of choosing the wrong service and product or simply opening yourself up to a viral attack. No one is 100% sure what is lurking out there on the web. Is opening that unsure email going to send your computer into a tailspin, or entering in your payment information
risking your identity?

Tack on the fact that your 17 year old teenager cannot live without downloading music 24/7 to the computer. Or, they cannot wait until this friday to go to the movies to see the new release, they must download the trailer or the whole movie before it comes out. Not to mention countless hours trading information and opening unwanted, dead files while surfing Myspace and Facebook. The list could go on and on forever.

What you end up with is a headache and either a completely crashed computer or one that runs at a snail's pace that will not perform the simplest of tasks.

Welcome to the ever growing world of Spyware, Adware and Registry overload. All of these have been around for awhile, but just started to gain more popularity as their effects have become more drastic.

Spyware software, when used properly can launch an assualt on your computer of epic proportions. Spyware in essence secretly gathers information while you normally surf the web. The biggest culprit of Spyware is used by advertisers and other interested parties as a "marketing tool" that tracks your browsing habits and in turn sends you unwanted and unsolicited junk. This "junk" is known as Adware, which come in the form of those pesky banners and pop-ups that haunt and annoy you as you try to calmly use your computer.

How did you catch these "viruses"? Most of the time you unwillingly installed it on your computer not knowing exactly what it was or tricked into thinking it was a download for something else. Most of us know it as "freeware" or "shareware". What you end up with is a computer that performs at 30% of its capacity, or worse, one that crashes completely beyond repair.

Unfortunately, this software has become so advanced that it is utterly impossible to remove it yourself without causing more damage. Years ago, you could somewhat successfully uninstall unwanted programs and files in your Windows Registry or computer Control Panel without the help of outside software.

I have found three Anti-Spyware, Adware and a Registry clean-up software installations that not only fix the current problem you are dealing with in literally minutes, but alerts you to future bugs and erradicates in advance for you as well.

Easy to install and apply, this advanced error resolution technology will scan your computer's hard-drive, analyze the errors and correct them. All in the matter of minutes. This software will also clean up your Windows registry and get your computer running at 100% capacity. No more pop-ups, uninstalls, incomplete installs, freezing, crashes and decreased performance.

Check out this site that offers a free download for three of the best Anti-Spyware and Adware protection software . What do you have to lose. We cannot change our computer habits, but we can change our defense against unwanted attacks.