Superantispyware Pro 4.0 - a Computer Juice Review

by : Dave Page

Millions of people log on to the Internet daily; and as with any good thing, someone with malicious intent inevitably comes along and tries to spoil the party. For this reason, spyware is rampant on the Internet and you must take precautions to protect yourself. There are probably hundreds of anti-spyware programs on available for this purpose, but SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 is one of the best, if not the best, product on the market for blocking and removing spyware.

The first thing that you may notice is that about SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 is the name. The fact that 'SUPER' is in all capital letters implies immediately that the product stands above the rest, but does it really? If you visit the SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0's website, it makes the bold statement that it will remove all spyware and not just the common types. Well, industry professionals have put the program through its paces and SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 passes with flying colors each time. If you do any research on the product, you will have a difficult time finding anything negative about it.

One of features that the SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 spyware removal program includes that many other spyware removal programs seem lacking in is real-time spyware protection. Users also love the fact the program does not hog resources - it only uses about 40 MB of RAM - like some other well known anti-spyware programs. SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 ensures that your computer is protected against spyware, Trojans, hijackers, and other malware while running smoothly in the background. This real-time feature can be enabled or disabled at your leisure.

Another great thing about SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 is that the software allows you to send reports about potential malware to the software's laboratories to be analyzed. This helps to ensure that the software is always current and updated.

SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 features an easy to use interface and the main menu offers the options of: computer scanning, update checking, scan scheduling, quarantine management, and application configuration. The scanner program checks your system for all the latest spyware, adware, worms, trojans, and other malware.

You can choose from three types of scans - the Quick Scan, the Complete Scan, and the Custom Scan. The Quick Scan checks the registry locations and other common places you might find spyware on your computer. The Complete Scan scans your entire system for infections. And the Custom Scan allows you to select the areas of your computer that you want checked. You can also schedule scanning.

One of the neat features about the SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 software is that it does not require rebooting your computer once you have removed spyware. The program also retains a log of all the malware that has been detected and removed.

In software testing environments, SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 removed software better than any of the other top antispyware programs on the market. It even removed malware that some of these programs missed. SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0 is probably the most reliable antispyware programs available. It is featured on numerous top 10 lists and is quickly developing a cult following. If you are looking for an antispyware program that exceeds expectations, you will not find a better program than SUPERAntiSpyware Pro 4.0.