Reviews of Registry Easy, RegCure, and Registry Mechanic

by : Dmoore

Doing a comparison of three top registry repair products in one review is not easy. Each of the mentioned products has a special set of unique features that gives each good value to the user. There is an incredible amount of information about each but only a small sampling will be provided here.

No matter which product you choose, you are in good hands to fix slow computer problems, crashing or freezing computer issues, delayed responses, slow start ups or constant rebooting, and rid of problems adding and removing software from your computer.

Overall Ranking: Based on Individual Scores from the Criteria Mentioned Below

1. Registry Easy
2. RegCure
3. Registry Mechanic

Criteria Number One: Usability/User Friendliness

All three of the mentioned products were extremely easy to download and had options to understand each feature within the user interface window.

Descriptions of each of the user options in each of the product user interfaces are well explained and can be used by a complete novice.

All three products scored a tie in this category.

Criteria Number Two: Support/Customer Service

Registry Easy was the first to respond to me in time test emails. This is an important indication of what service you will get later if needed. Registry Mechanic was the second to respond and Regcure was a distant third.

Criteria Number Three: Unique Features

Though the purpose of the software is registry repair, there are some extended features that make Registry Easy the best deal for the price paid. For example, Registry Easy offers a BHO Manager that scans Internet Explorer for unnecessary plug ins that are slowing you down on surfing. Registry Easy also offers junk file removers, evidence cleaners and duplicate cleaners.

Registry Mechanic offers a pull down menu that will take you straight to help files if needed. This is a good convenience feature.

RegCure has an extensive online FAQ and help library on their website that exceeds the others combined. Ideally, you should not have to get any help in the first place due to the products being so simple to download and use.

Criteria Number Four: Scanning and Repair Options

Because of Registry Easy having evidence scanners and junk file cleaners, again they win another category. Still, both Registry Mechanic and RegCure offer sufficient scanning choices for what the software is intended to do.

Criteria Five: Weaknesses

Registry Easy lacked the help file detail that the others had. I was never placed in a position where I had to use such files, so this was irrelevant. Otherwise, this product was rock solid.

RegCure lacked many of the features offered by Registry Easy but did what it was there for. It did take two rounds of scan and repair to clear all of the errors on the PC tested.

Registry Mechanic did not discover nearly the number of errors that the others did but still managed to clean off a DLL error that I tried both other products to do (and they could not do it).


I was impressed by all three products over the 11 others I had initially tested. Of the six finalists, the three registry repair software products reviewed here were my top three.

Simply put, you cannot go wrong on any of the three.