Fix Registry Errors - They Make your Pc Slow

by : A Sachdeva

If your PC has become slower than before and if it is taking too much time to start, it is most likely that you are having errors in the registry and you need to fix registry errors for optimum computing speed. Registry file is created and maintained by Windows to store all the vital information about the hardware and software configuration and system settings of your computer. Microsoft introduced registry in their Windows 95 version. Before that these data were stored in the INI files that were placed throughout the hard disk. It made the system cluttered with INI files as well as made the system slower as it took more time to access these data. With the introduction of the registry, the process of storing system information became more organized and efficient. It reduced the time taken by the system to respond to any command.

While registry brought with it a more effective way keeping the vital system information, it also brought another problem - registry errors. In fact for all those error massages that you get while working in Windows is because of those registry errors. So, it is very much important that you fix registry errors to get rid of all those error massages. An error free registry not only makes your PC more stable but also makes it faster and less vulnerable to malware threats.

Now if you are thinking that you need to go through an elaborate process to fix Windows registry errors, you are absolutely wrong. With so many registry cleaners available these days, it takes little effort and no money to fix registry errors. All you need to do is download a registry cleaning software and use it for keeping your PC registry error free. The software scans and repair registry entries without any intervention. It removes outdated and unwanted entries without altering the valid records. A registry cleaner also removes the empty spaces and fragments within the registry and deletes the traces of incomplete uninstall processes. The registry cleaner detects and deletes the embedded keys that are otherwise untraceable and used by malware.

With any advanced registry maintenance software you can schedule the scanning process and back up the registry entries before you fix registry errors. It lets you restore the registry files in case you encounter any problem after you have fixed up the Windows registry errors. So, for better performance of your PC, scan the registry at regular intervals.