Blue Screen: Pc Crash or Registry Error?

by : Kelly Liyakasa

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Pretend one day you're logging into your brand-new Windows laptop and come across the dreaded blue screen of death. You know--the one that indicates your software is having serious problems. What many PC owners don't realize is the blue screen can be indicative of registry errors that can be easily fixed by registry repair software.

What is a registry cleaner per say? It's a software program specializing in erasing those nasty error messages telling you all your .exe files are non-functioning. But, what are the symptoms warning you it's time for a PC tune-up?

Registry Error Symptoms:

&bullBlue screens on computer boot-up. These aren't normal and should be taken care of immediately or you could lose a lot of important files.

&bullExtremely slow processing applications and download times.

&bullYour Internet service goes awry and leaves you wondering if you have a virus.

&bullYou see constant error messages, such as "So&So.exe could not be opened."

&bullYou may see some programs or files in your add/remove program's list that you really can't identify.

&bullIf you try removing a program or file from your PC and it won't delete.

All of the above may be the result of registry errors that need fixing. Windows registry is simply another fancy word for the "web" of files and applications making up your prized PC. If there are any changes or updates made, that trail in your computer web may get tangled or shifted around.

Another point to consider is some viruses and spyware are programmed to mess with your registry. So, even if all seems normal and your computer is operating at a reasonable pace, you can still fall prey to hidden attacks that may give you that blue screen you fear and loathe.
Fortunately, makes mention of several leading registry cleaners that may assist you in their They chose PC Tools' Registry Mechanic as one of the top software programs to clean up those error messages and blue screens.

Registry Mechanic is Vista compatible for you technologically-on-top-of-everything bunch. It offers computer owners functions such as automatic live updates, registry pruning and repairs rather than deletion, which could lead to greater problems. The next time you receive an error message, take it as your PC's request for a bath.