A Good Registry Cleaner - What to Look for

by : Julius ozoh

The windows Registry is a complex utility system that requires expertise when trying to remove errors or fix problem you may have. Even with the tools available to and the windows help on editing and managing the registry keys, I will advise that one employs good third party Registry Software for managing Windows.

First of all, a good Registry Cleaner will do an in-depth scan of the system, create and manages the restore point(s) and perform backups.

Essentially, a Registry Cleaner should be able to carry out a comprehensive scan to detect all the erroneous entries by the various installations, updates, and systems operations. Its rechecking system should be able after a thorough scan check for these entries usability before finally discarding them.

Its repair tool for fixing error should be able to pick out invalid keys from the operating system updates and other related operations with the ability to produce a diagnostic log of all the available fixes which can be reference for the next thorough scan.

Typically, a good registry has a lot of fix utilities. The utilities fix Invalid System Software Settings and Invalid Application Paths, Uninstall Entries and Invalid Class Keys. Errors emanating from invalid entries of ActiveX, OLE/COM, Uninstall Sections, fonts, DLLs, startup programs, start menu items and file association are well taken care of and Fix by these fix utilities.

Another crucial characteristic of good registry fix is a System Restore Point with Integrated function from Windows System Restore tool. This is to ensure that the windows recovery process at every point in time is seamless with the registry cleaner operations when doing backups or restoration after any registry fix.

The Registry Software must have a utility that manages and ensures that the memory runs efficiently it is called the memory tweaker. It tweaks the memory of the system recovers the memory and makes the PC run faster without causing any instability to the system.

Finally, the Registry Software must have a good ActiveX utility to manage the ActiveX controls by blocking, filtering out malicious controls and re-registering ActiveX when necessary. It should be able to remove potential harmful Internet explorer plugins. For the good reason you want to buy a Registry fix or Registry cleaner, it should be able to prevent application crashes.

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