Registry Cleaner - Why You Need One

by : Julius ozoh

Have you notice how often we install programs, software, freebies, toolbars and games these days? Most of these programs are effected at start up immediately the PC finishes booting.

Most of these programs that load themselves into the memory at startup may eventually not be use! Most of them load in the system background grabbing of memory and CPU resources. They rather make invalid and redundant entries into the registry.

First of all, The Windows registry is a database system where Windows stores all the preference and settings files for software and hardware drivers. Each time a new program is installed, new registry entries are created.

Entries are also made when a new hardware and its driver is installed, including a software and subsequent updates. Technically when a program or driver is uninstalled, all the registry entries should be removed, which is not the case.

Eventually your Windows Registry will contain so many redundant items that it will lead to an unstable performance, system errors, or even a system breakdown.

Most computer users have no idea to fix this and computers do not fix themselves. Let us take the issue of the temporary files buildup of that are not removed automatically, in time they clutter the system, eat up space and impact negatively the system performance.

With today dynamic and ever increasing computing needs you can not manually manage or fix your registry without the high risk of crashing your windows. Fixing a corrupt registry can be very complicated tasking and delicate.

When certain files go missing because you deleted them be accident, a registry cleaner can come to the rescue. Imagine you delete a delete a file by accident and an error message pops up every time you perform a particular routine, with a message that you cannot run a program because a file is missing.

A registry cleaner will effectively detect and eliminate these problems. Most of them come with simplified user interface built for both computer newbies and experts.

A registry cleaner will effectively scan any Registry-related problems, safely repair and clean the Registry with safe backup mechanism. A registry cleaner will easily manage the Registry backups that can be restored to a previous state if needed.

They also have loaded and built-in powerful utilities, such as System Optimizer, IE Restorer and Tweak Memory, to keep your PC run faster and more efficiently.

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