Getting a Long Term Family Attorney

by : Manuel Salvacion

Many people think that getting the services of an attorney for the family on a long-term basis means keeping a legal counsel on retainer. However, hiring a long-term family attorney has its advantages. For many people, a long-term family attorney is helpful in many ways.

One of the main purposes of getting a family attorney is to avoid searching frantically for one when the need arises. Another thing, you do not have to deal with a different attorney each time you have a dispute to settle, whether at work or within the family. Your long-time family attorney knows your history and can be very knowledgeable about your issues.

Hiring a long-term family attorney from a reputable law firm is a wise decision. You need not worry about the cost of hiring an attorney for the family. A long-term family attorney can be paid on an hourly basis. There are also attorneys who take cases and work for families on a pro bono basis. In California, for example, attorneys are required to devote certain hours each year to pro bono cases.

You can choose a long-term attorney for the family through the following ways:

• Referral from friends – A friend or a family member is a good source of information on how to find an attorney to serve as a long-term family legal counsel. A referral from friends or relatives who worked previously with an attorney may provide important information on an attorney’s background and credentials.

• By peer reviews - To know any information about an attorney, you can refer to attorneys’ ratings review that is an important source of an attorney’s credibility.

Choosing an attorney to serve the long-term legal needs of a family is never easy. Hiring attorney does not always guarantee that you get the quality of service you desire.

However, you can ensure that an attorney can serve your interests and protect your rights by asking yourself the following questions before hiring a long-term family attorney:

1. What level of involvement do I want when dealing with a case? Do I want to be consulted from time to time? Or do I want to be involved fully?

2. What are my priorities? Do I want my attorney to be more concerned about protecting my business or my family?

3. Am I willing to seek alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation or arbitration rather than pursue a case in court?

4. Is the cost of getting a family attorney a major issue?

After finally deciding that you need the services of a long-term family attorney, it is time to select your choice. If you have narrowed down your choices of an attorney to hire, here are questions you should ask an attorney before settling down.

• What is the attorney’s fee agreement? Can you arrange on a case-to-case basis or an hourly basis of payment?

• Has the attorney handled a similar case before? What is his area of expertise?

• How long has the attorney been in practice? Has he handled trials of family cases before?

• Will the attorney handle your case personally or are other attorneys getting to be involved?

Selecting an attorney is the first step toward protecting your family. Hiring an attorney from a reputable Los Angeles law firm will ensure that you get the long-term legal services you desire for your family.