Regularly Clean Windows Registry for Optimum Performance

by : Arvind

A registry is component typical to Windows PC. It is basically a file maintained by the Windows operating system to store all the vital information about hardware and software configuration and other system settings of the computer. It helps the system to function smoothly and the file is accessed frequently by the system during the runtime. Whenever any software is installed or uninstalled, any hardware component is attached to the computer a new entry is generated in the windows registry.

So, it is quite evident that with continuous use these entries get piled up in the file and the size of the registry file also increases everyday. Now all these entries are not necessary for running the PC and moreover the unused and fragmented entries start causing problem in the proper functioning of the system and make the PC slower. Therefore it is important to clean windows registry at regular intervals to keep the Windows registry organized and free from unused and unwanted entries.

Ways to clean the registry

It is possible to clean Windows registry manually but that is a mammoth task and needs specific technical knowledge and hence it is not everybody's cup of tea. Instead what common users like us can do is clean the registry with registry clean software that is designed to scan the registry and remove the unwanted entries and keep it up to date.

How to get a free download

There is no dearth of free registry cleaner tools that are available at various websites. You can choose one and take the free registry cleaner download and install the software. It is absolutely easy and takes little time to scan the PC registry with the software that will automatically repair the errors in the registry and delete the entries and fragments of registry entries.

These smart registry cleaning tools also come with features like schedule scanning, that lets you schedule the scanning and the software will automatically scan the registry. Before you clean Windows registry it is always wise to keep a back up of the registry as that will let you restore the registry to its previous condition.