Online Remote Backup Solutions

by : David Hensley

Recently, online remote backup has become all the rage because almost all types of businesses have turned to online remote backup, entrusting their data to be stored in a remote location. The reason for this can be due to terrorist threat or improvements in encryption and security. But basically there are three reasons for the sudden popping up of online remote backup.

Traditional backup solutions require investment in hardware, cost of the software, cost of hiring trained employees and so on. In addition, invaluable time has to be spent on performing the backup process. The cost, which depends upon the amount of data and the time, are very high. Online remote backup reduces this cost dramatically. It is quick and easy and the results are instantaneous.

It is common to overlook the need for security in an in-house backup plan because most of the people do not perceive any danger to it, when the data is kept inside their own walls. But, the statistics are contrary .In an online remote backup, a lot of precautions are taken to ensure that the data is fully secure. The backup process cannot be started if there is no authentication and the person who requests the backup should be identified and authorized.

In addition, once the data has arrived to remote location, the backup service provides security along with trained staff and a costumer service policy round the clock.??

Another important advantage of online remote backup is that the data is not prone to any technical disaster, because the online remote backup server is in a far- off place from the client and the connection is only through an Internet. It is clean and trouble free and unaffected by human disasters or natural disasters. When the data needs to be recovered, it can be done so, unharmed and cleaned, thus minimizing the risk.

Online remote backup is advantageous because the media does not degrade or become obsolete and the user need not worry about the compatibility with this software. People tend to transport their media to a remote location and leave them there for a long time to give protection to the data. But a recent problem may not be updated and may go undetected. Online backup providers limit storage to 90 days, which is the single biggest, draw back with online remote backup.

A backup providers should be chosen carefully such that they have a good business background and check whether they have any bad reputation. Those who do not reveal their physical address should be avoided.

Online remote backup are computer specific -only one computer- one account and if a person has more than one PC, an office desktop and a laptop, for instance, online remote backup can be problematic. Online remote backup also has a limit to the individual file size to a maximum of 3.6 GB.

Though there are certain limitations to online remote backup, doubtlessly, it has come here to stay.