Track Website Traffic if you Want to Please your Clients

by : Websitestatscounter

Excellent customer care is the key to winning the hearts of billions of clients of goods and services around the world. Especially in the largely market-driven 21st century, customers will only be attracted by those companies which know how to treat them in the best possible way. However, how do players on the highly competitive Internet market get to know who their clients are in order to care for them accordingly? Here's another interesting solution to the problem.

Website traffic tracking tools are not just an easy way to calculate the revenue of an internet site. They can be effectively used by companies to glean many details about their clients - their active time of day, the computers they own, their country and language. These can then be used as a substitute of long and boring customer surveys in the preparation of tailored marketing and customer service campaigns.

Gathering information about a website's visitors for the purposes of marketing and customer care has been made surprisingly easy by, which offers multiple free website tracking tools. The website is primarily financed by advertisement and is therefore able to offer an amazingly wide range of website traffic tracking tools free of charge.

What makes different from most other website traffic tracking providers is that it offers tracking tools specifically designed to meet the needs of its customers. If a web master needs a specific statistic or feature which is currently not offered by the company, all they need to do is let the website team know and they will work on it.

The free customer accounts at includes a large number of features, including highly detailed recent statistics, invisible counters, multiple site management, detailed summaries and visitor reports, time-based graphs, referring pages and search engines, keyword activity, clicked links, operating systems, browser types, location and languages, visitors online now, and many others.

The company is currently in the process of developing about 50 new webmaster tools that will be very helpful to customers. These tools will again be free for anyone to use. Webmaster will be allowed to embed them into their websites and web pages. The new web tools include Back link Checker, Google Datacenter Search, Keyword Density Checker, Link Popularity, Visual Page Rank, Domain Checkups, IP Location, Link Price Calculator, Server Status, Website Speed Test.

The service offered by provides a completely free possibility for many companies to know who their customers are and how they access websites - a knowledge which is indeed essential for business success.