Web Data Extraction That Works

by : William He

A business's daily activities involve acquiring various information, much of which is available on the Internet. This information can include news and articles from the media, statistics, product details, and many others. Given the rapid growth of the Internet and the constantly increasing number of websites, the volume of work relating to searching and finding information is continuously rising. As a result, companies are faced with the need to devote much time and significant resources on tasks where the risk of human mistake is considerable.

That is why more and more companies have now chosen to abandon manual web-mining and extraction altogether and start to use customized software solutions. Ficstar Software, one of the leaders in providing powerful web data extraction and data mining solutions, is an example of what the advantages of automated solutions in this area are.

Ficstar's core product, Ficstar Web Grabber, offers efficient, fully automated web data extraction that eliminates the time, mistakes, and expenses associated with manually finding, collecting, and saving web content. Ficstar Web Grabber can be configured as a full-featured web crawler, providing all the power of today's most popular web crawlers, web parsing tools, spiders, and robots, in a simple and easy-to-use tool. With the web crawler, the needed information can be easily found and gathered. It allows browsing the Internet for specific key words, as well as result page content or search engine page ranking. The web crawler also makes it possible to locate results from search engines, portals, or listings of input URLs. It can be set to search dynamic web pages by using keywords or hidden page variables, as well as to automatically submit web forms.

This unique web data extraction tool allows customers to archive and store results in a database, text file, or any other popular format, and automatically searches for updated or new data based on pre-defined schedules.

For companies which wish to have this solution perfectly matched to their individual business needs and preferences, there is a Custom-Designed Web Grabber which can be completed within just a few days.

Each Ficstar project is priced based on the complexity of the data on the targeted web site, and the extent of the software customization required to extract that data. Costs are designed to meet any budget and are indeed much better than those required for tedious manual data extraction.