How Do I Fix My Slow Computer?

by : Daryl Moore

Experiencing slow computer problems can be extremely frustrating. What is equally frustrating is determining what is causing the computer to lack the performance it once had. When faced with slow PC issues, most people just want to fix the challenges as quickly and easily as possible.

There can be several causes for slow computer problems:

Too much memory used on computer (or memory upgrade is needed)

Useless plug in and programs still installed

Too many programs attached to the start up menu

Hard drive needs a disk defragmentation or disk clean up

Possible viruses, spyware installs, malware, or adware are tugging at system

Computer needs Windows updates including Service Pack installs

Security Suites are bloated (excessive)

Too many bells and whistles are installed on computer

Many of the issues above can be fixed for free through your existing applications on the computer.

Microsoft Windows Registry:

The focus of this article is registry cleaning and repair. Often slow computer problems can be related to an oversized and error-filled registry. Just this one simple issue can be one of the largest causes of slow computer problems. In conjunction with just cleaning your unused programs off your system and defragmenting your disk, registry repair will do wonders for you.

The registry contains files with information about your PC, computer users, the accessories attached to your computer, and the actual system that makes your computer operate. This Windows database is vital to running your PC. It is not important to necessarily understand completely what the registry is and how it works. It is more important to understand what tools can fix the issue without you trying to manually do so (which can make matters worse).

Simply put, a registry fix download will clean and re-organize the files in the registry to help you restore performance and efficiency to your computer. The best registry cleaner products will optimize and repair your registry without removing vital files or pertinent information.

Some of the Symptoms of Windows registry Errors Include:

Anti-virus and anti-spyware removal software can't detect or fix the problems

Consistent freezes, unexpected crashes, and slow performance

Start up (boot) process isn't smooth and shut downs are abnormal

Rebooting the computer is becoming a common practice

Specific error messages are pinpointing a Windows registry problem

Inability to properly add and remove software on computer

BSOD - Blue Screen of Death

Longer computer response times

Slower browsing on internet

Software takes longer to start/launch

To fix slow computer problems caused by the
Windows registry, it is best to just, choose a solid software download and utilize the free applications of the program. Once downloaded, you can use the free scan buttons to run a check of your registry system. When the scan is complete, you will have a list of errors that were detected during the scan process. If you determine that you do indeed have errors, you can purchase the repair feature attached to the same free scan software and immediately repair the errors.

A final key area you can address is the removal of spyware, adware, malware, keyloggers, worms, browser hijackers, and pop-up generators from your computer. These problems will take up system resources and make your slow computer problems worse. There are many quality products to assist you with these types of threats.

Either of the mentioned software programs will make a huge difference on your computer. Both together will give you fantastic results and more importantly will give you ongoing protection that you need anyway.

After purchasing the software to repair the problems, the errors will be fixed in just seconds. Once the repair is complete it is best to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.