Tikiwiki Groupware | Wiki Support & Wiki CMS

by : Fat Jack

Wikis---welcome to the most democratic arena of the web, where you are not only allowed to publish your view point, you are also granted the permission to edit other's viewpoint if you don't like them or think them to be wrong or inadequate. Wikis are the types of content management system that allows lots of users modify the pages of a website and that can take place simultaneously.

The users can edit the contents----this means the Wikis need a collaboration- environment to work. This process of collaboration is made possible by an array of tools and software.
The features such as bold text, images, external links, etc. can be added using special editing syntax. Links can also be created automatically by using upper case words smashed together
The administrator is however able to keep a tab on the pages by referring to the history for each page. The administrator cans rollback a page to its previous version in case a user breaks a page.
The administrators are also able to make the site unavailable for the public except a particular group by using a password and registration system.
The same way, a particular group may be blocked the permission for editing certain pages.
Wikis prove to be useful tool in the creation of documents---official or academic, data support, intranets, and for other web applications.

Now comes the big question; why TikiWiki? Why not the other Wiki engines or other PHP supported CMS which are far easier to operate?

The answer is: nowhere will you find a more comprehensive wiki software solution than in TikiWiki. It offers all the normal wiki functions mentioned above plus a lot more. It rolls the features like calendars, polls, forums, etc into one broad package.

TikiWiki also enables a few cutting edge wiki features like VoiceTiki and MobileTiki. While the former feature is used to turn the normal wiki pages into unique "talking" web pages, the MobileTiki feature allows a user to access the site via mobile phone.

The TikiWiki system also enables the users to receive alerts once their chosen content has been updated.

As such it becomes comparable to any efficient and complete Content Management System---far more advanced than most wiki engines which could not evolve beyond the basic features like editable pages.

Moreover, TikiWiki is easy to use both for the administrator as well as for the user. The wiki module of TikiWiki is extremely easy to set up and manage. If you are new to use TikiWiki here are a few tips for you:
&bullWhen you are going to add a link to a new Wiki page, avoid using spaces in the link text; add double parentheses before and after the link text.
&bullYou can use the ("?") link, to add content to the new Wiki page
&bullIt is irritating to be encountered with a question mark every time you type a business name or word. To avoid this at the time of spellchecking, use double parentheses around the word.

The TikiWiki boasts of many more interesting features to allow you create an interesting wiki site. For more detailed information on the software's Wiki module, visit TikiWiki's homepage at TikiWiki.org.