SAP Business One | SDK Programming & Custom Logic Overview

by : Andrew Karasev

As SB1 is becoming popular ERP and MRP platform for small and medium size businesses in USA, especially with expected release of SAP B1 version 2007, we expect more SAP Business One SDK customizations will be requested. We would like to make some comment on SB1 SDK modifications and their performance considerations.
1.Real Time mode. Please know that you should develop your custom logic and code, considering the fact that SB1 customization first has to log in into SB1 realm and security space. This process may take up to several seconds and if you plan your custom piece to work in real time, communicating with SB1 server, you should think about performance

2.Batch Mode. This mechanism allows you to login only once and integrate you data and custom objects with standard environment in SB1. Here you may consider two scenarios: first - program custom application just in the programming language and development environment you prefer and then program in C# or VB.Net SB1 interface. Second option is to design SB1 look-and-feel interface in SDK, which however doesn't allow drill down to SB1 until you upload the batch to SB1.

3.SDK Integrations. It is technically feasible to program only integration logic, without touching the GUI interface. We actually favor you to do just these SDK programming projects

4.Typical scenarios. It is often the case, when you need to bring Sales Orders or AR Invoices from external system, such as MS CRM, Lotus Notes Domino to SAP Business One, where you have to be gentle to your company IT infrastructure legacy. This is classical SAP BO SDK customization exercise