Why US Supports Israeli Disapproval of Palestinian Unity Government?

by : Anne Catherine

The US has recently seen and faced a lot. Be it on the economic, political, or foreign relations front, the US had to deal with a number of disturbing issues for which it has faced a lot of criticism also from all the quarters. Even internally the Bush government faced a lot of criticisms for its foreign policies especially in the Middle East. The US initiatives in Afghanistan and Iraq has earned for the US worldwide criticisms and in some part of the world even anger and bitterness. Though the tyrannical rule of the Saddam Hussain government in Iraq and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan have been dethroned due to the US initiative, many thinkers argue that the US had its selfish motives behind these initiatives. A very strong cause among them was to get a grip over the oil market. The US differences with most of the Middle East countries had cost it dearly as far as the supply of oil at a cheap rate to this country is concerned. The US is the highest oil consumer in the world. It is natural that when the States was denied the special privileges it enjoyed in terms of oil from the Middle East earlier it was enraged and took up the extreme step of military attack in the name of cleansing the Middle East of the evil forces when in reality their actual motive was something else. However, today after around 5 years after those attacks were launched the US didn't achieve much neither in terms of public support nor in creating a tunnel into the oil industry. This very important natural resource is still in the mercy of the Middle East countries.

The US can be very well referred to as a fighter. Against all odds it is going strong and it never loses sight of its main objective. It makes and continues its attempts towards its unachieved goals. This is evident from the latest gesture that the country has made in the Middle East. Though thought by many as a blunder on the part of the Bush government, the President is hell bent on making some kind of headway in the oil industry. The Bush government has lend support to the Israeli government in the latter's decision to boycott the Palestinian unity government which also includes Hamas. Though Saudi Arabia had differences with the proposed government it resolved the differences with the Hamas leader Mr. Khaled Mashal and now they are in for a united government. This is more or less a peace initiative involving the Arab countries. However, the refusal of Israel supported by the US is proving to be a big obstacle. It is hard to decipher the approval of the US in the refusal by Israel. It might be just another ploy whereby the US can get an accomplice in their efforts to make some sort of headway in the matters of the oil.

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